Harmonious Way To Health

Empowering minds - Energizing bodies - Enriching souls


Welcome health and wellness enthusiast!

I am excited to share this journey to take your health and wellness to the next level. You may have heard 'health is true wealth.' Without your health and vitality, life is not as joyous as it can be!

We will use a mind-body-soul approach to:

  • learn how to plan an prepare quick, simple, nutritious plant-based meals to fit into your busy schedule
  • determine what is causing your food cravings and how to make healthier food choices
  • get clarity on how to improve your work-life balance by making simple, sustainable changes
  • create the boundaries and motivational space for self-care practices
  • understand the importance of sleep and learn tools that enhance the quality of your sleep
  • evaluate how stress affects your life and what to do to reduce stress levels
  • feel more energized to do the things that matter in your life
  • be motivated to find a fitness practice that you enjoy and works in your life
  • adopt healthy habits to get you closer to your ideal weight


Seema Shah has worked in healthcare for over a decade as a clinician in UK. Her interest in holistic health made her explore various fields over the years, and led her to come up with a unique plant-based holistic coaching approach. She trained as a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2009, she trained as a raw food chef. Her love for creative expression led Seema to train as an image consultant at the Colour Me Beautiful institute in London in 2012. Furthermore, her passion for yoga and meditation led her to train as a yoga teacher. In her spare time, Seema loves to express her creativity through the world of colors by painting, which she finds therapeutic.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Setting Health Goals, Time Management, Planning Your Ideal Day!
Module 2 - Meal Planning And Preparation, Eat Healthier, Organize Your Grocery List, Efficient Food Shopping!
Module 3 - Joyous Movement, Ideal Weight Strategies, Hydration, Mindful Eating, Deconstruct Cravings!
Module 7 - Nurturing relationships and self-care!

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